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OKB is small private family owned company based in Mauritius. We began our activities in 1985 as a manufacturer of lacquer thinner. Over the years we have been focusing on the automotive refinishing and detailing sector by providing a wide variety of products and by offering competitive advantage to our customers. Innovative and quality raw materials are sourced from around the world and combined to produce excellent quality end products while being cost effective. By working closely and attentively alongside the end users we are able to produce problem solving products ensuring satisfaction of the most demanding users. This is made possible thanks to one of our founders Mr Oomar Khatib who being a self-leaner has achieved an outstanding experience in product development through numerous studies in chemical formulation. Clearcoats, Hardeners, 2K Thinner, Polishing Compounds are today in our manufacturing line establishing ourselves as a well-known name among automotive paint shops, painter and detailer across the island. Additionally we work with international brands such as MIPA SE, Kovax, TOA and Shine Mate china to supply a wide range of automotive refinishing products to paint shops throughout Mauritius.

Our priority remains as of this day that of creating long term sustainable customer relationships by having their best interest at all times.


At OKB we act upon mutual trust and respect towards everyone in the organization from our customers, employees and suppliers. Transparency and accountability being our core values, we always strive to provide honest information and make sure to always deliver on our promises.