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Kovax is the leading Manufacturer of Japanese Coated Abrasives since 1930. Rigid quality control and well organized manufacturing facilities, and advanced technical knowledge ensures top quality and innovative abrasive products for Automotive, Wood-working, and many more industrial uses.
Complete range of polishing compound for car, boat and fiberglass application. Developed to optimize quality of finish, speed of work and ease of use. Made in Mauritius
-From bodyshops’ refinishing process, to high gloss paint care works. ShineMate polishing tool system is built based on the deep integration and overall design from electric sanding and polishing machine, polishing pads, and compounding chemical. This near-perfect product combination comes from our in-depth study of the paint polishing process, profound experience, as well as the continuous innovation and supply capacity offered by our own manufacturing plants. With superb production technology, friendly prices as well as good customer reputation, ShineMate won customers trust and love, became the famous brand of car polishing tool system in more than 60 countries and regions.
We also have a range of Miscellanous items available in our store .For more details visit or click to view items under Miscellanous category.
Gerson-brand products are well known and trusted throughout the world. The Louis M. Gerson Co., Inc. has been in business since 1956. Family-owned and operated, Gerson is committed to producing the highest quality products at exceptional value. From air-purifying respirators, to liquid filters for cleaning paints and solvents, to adhesively-treated cleaning or tack cloths for removal of surface particulates, each Gerson® product has been engineered and manufactured to provide top performance and deliver user value.
MIPA SE, headquartered in Essenbach/Germany, is a fast-growing medium-sized company in producing varnishes and paints. MIPA – Successful Car Refinishing. Sandstorm or perpetual frost – around the world automotive paints are relentlessly exposed to all kinds of environmental factors. In order to prevent a vehicle from depreciating due to environmental influences, the paint must resist damage and destruction by these adverse conditions. This demand on car paints must be met. That is why MIPA SE relies on a consistent quality policy,beginning with the selection of the raw materials and culminating in customer satisfaction. MIPA produces all of its car coating products itself, meaning that they can be perfectly coordinated with one another. Because it is not only the topcoat that determines durability and appearance of automotive coating; all products play an important role. Quality Made in Germany